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Discover how regenerative medicine heals the body

Regenerative medicine is an innovative and exciting strategy to deal with musculoskeletal injuries. It utilizes your body’s own healing power to restore integrity and function to the tissues of your ligaments, tendons and joints. Dr Weiss offers a variety of regenerative procedures.

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP uses the natural healing properties of your own blood in order to treat pain arising from tendons, ligaments and muscles. The process specifically uses the healing factors found in platelets which are found in the plasma portion of your blood. Many people know that platelets are responsible for blood clotting after injury. What many do not know, is that platelets release growth factors that help tissue regenerate. Learn more about platelet rich plasma.


Clotalyst is similiar to platelet rich plasma but with an even greater capacity for healing. The injectate remains in the area because it is bound immediately by a clot. This results in a more focused and concentrated response.


This injectable is composed of dehydrated amniotic membrane that provides essential growth factors for enhanced soft tissue healing. The growth factors promote cell growth and healing as well as collagen deposition. The result of an amniofix injection is the delivery of growth factors and collagen to the area, a reduction in inflammation and an enhancement of healing.


Prolotherapy uses the body’s natural healing process to decrease pain and improve function. It involves the injection of a mild irritant solution to stimulate a controlled healing process. By stimulating localized inflammation, a healing cascade is initiated that results in the deposition of new collagen. As the new collagen matures, it strengthens the cartilage ligament or tendon that was injected. Learn more about prolotherapy.

Perineural injection therapy

Perineural injection therapy is similar to prolotherapy. It uses a dilute sugar solution into the area around the nerve. Neurogenic inflammation drives chronic pain when nerves become damaged. The pain is often described as radiating and can span a large area of the body. Inflamed nerves can be the reason behind chronically restricted and painful muscles.These injections block the message and when repeated over time can return the nerve to a healthy state and relieve pain. The average number of treatments is 4-8.

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