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Wellness matters. It goes beyond the absence of disease. It is the pursuit of a fulfilling and healthy life. We help you achieve maximal physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational and intellectual well being.

sports medicine

sports medicine

Dr. Weiss is dedicated to the nonsurgical management of acute and chronic injuries and pain. She incorporates traditional, innovative and alternative therapies to return you to a pain free active lifestyle.

physical rehabilitation

physical rehabilitation

Our elite physicians help you find relief from pain and maximize performance. We offer a variety of hands on therapies, modalities and therapeutic exercise routines specifically targeted to your needs.

Dr. Elise Weiss, MD
about Dr. Elise Weiss, MD

Dr. Elise Weiss founded Weiss Wellness to help people change their health and as a result, their lives. After years of treating injured patients, she noticed that there was much work to be done after physical recovery. She became increasingly aware that for so many, limitation wasn't about a specific injury but rather, lifestyle and systemic balance. Over time, she encountered talented practitioners from many specialties who shared a common vision. It is now our joint goal, to assist as many people as we can, in their endeavor to comprehensive health and wellness.

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Weiss Wellness is expanding!

Here is what you will find in our new space: Personal Training, Post Rehabilitation training, Triathlon coaching, Yoga/Pilates/HIIT classes and…

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what patients say about weiss wellness

  • Rebecca I.

    Dr. Weiss is both an expert diagnostician who takes the time to listen and understand– one who sees the larger picture, helping her to identify all the underlying factors that might be contributing to the symptomatic injury – and a doctor who uses this big picture to take a truly holistic approach in treating the injury. She devised a multi-dimensional treatment plan for me that involved platelet rich therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, yoga, specific training sessions, and an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan. Dr. Weiss made sure that every part of my specific injury, and more importantly, my overall wellbeing, was addressed. Her multi-prong approach is unique, highly effective, and sadly, all too rare. Her wisdom, her tenacity, her empathy, and her years of experience allow Dr. Weiss to diagnose and treat patients in a way that, quite simply, delivers lasting results.

  • Murat T.

    I was beyond impressed with Dr. Weiss. My first contact with Dr. Weiss was almost 1.5 years ago. When i met her, I had a tear in both my both achilles tendons and almost no cartilage in my knees. During the course of my recovery, I managed to tear my left caff muscle three times as well. I was very impressed with how helpful and knowledgable Dr Weiss and her staff were. Dr. Weiss made my options very clear from day one, and following her advice was probably the best thing I have ever done since I hurt myself. When I met her, I was limping while i was walking. Now I am back on the tennis courts, running 5 miles with no problem. I have already recommended Dr. Weiss to several friends/colleagues. If you have any sort of sport injury, contact Dr Elise, you won't regret it.

  • As a member of a family of accomplished surgeons, with top orthopedist friends, everyone uttered a variation of the same phrase…”have a Microdiscectomy, get it done with, as the odds are almost none that you will improve any other way.” Fortunately, I lucked into an introduction to Dr. Elise Weiss. Forget about the unimportant stuff- her staff is kind, the office is uplifting, and her bedside manner is calming, friendly, honest, and caring, the PT and nursing staff are so friendly. I say unimportant because she could’ve been an Oger and I would love her for the results! Of course, the fact that she is so totally fantastic, a kind, beautiful, attentive and patient doctor who is willing to discuss everything to whatever detail you need and honest about the efforts she will make and the possibility that you will, in the end, need surgery after all (thankfully I did not!) all made for as wonderful an experience as I could possibly have asked for.

  • Dr Weiss is a Godsend! She has helped me to successfully navigate several orthopedic issues, always with great knowledge, expertise and care. I’m a 71 year old woman and I love to ride my horse. Dr Weiss appreciates and understands the importance of my passion to me and has worked to help me adapt to my changing abilities. For this I am very grateful. Mention must also be made of the extraordinary team that surrounds her – Renat, Dr Klinger, Patricia and Malia! Together they have truly made a difference in the quality of my life.

  • Kate Jackson

    I first came to Dr. Weiss with back pain that was severely impacting my day to day quality of life. I have never had a doctor that was so compassionate and so completely dedicated to figuring out the source of the problem and solving it. She simply did not give up until my pain was gone, and she didn't let me give up either. During the course of my treatment she not only addressed my medical issues, but also made sure I understood everything that was happening in a way that calmed my anxiety over my condition. She is incredibly supportive, so accessible, and fully invested in making sure I feel both well-cared for and listened to. Her kind manner is echoed by her office staff, who are considerate and friendly. In these days when medical practices can sometimes feel impersonal, I feel so lucky to have found such a talented and caring doctor who is fully committed to all aspects of my well-being.

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