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Hair Restoration

PRP uses the growth factors and stem cells in your own blood to reverse the miniaturization of the hair follicle and push dormant hair into the growth stage.

  • increases blood supply to the follicle
  • increases thickness of hair shaft
  • triggers and maintains the growth cycle
  • decreases hair shedding

The entire region to be treated is numbed using a local anesthetic. Microneedling is then performed to create micro-trauma in the region. Although you will feel these initial injections, most people find them easily tolerated. After completing the microneedling, PRP and other growth factors are injected to maximize hair growth.


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What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are tiny vesicles secreted by stem cells that contain lipids, messenger-RNA, micro-RNA, signaling cytokines, and proteins to create a regenerative response to heal various injuries.

Why Exosomes?

Isolating the beneficial signals given out by stem cells and using them, rather than the stem cells themselves, is the next generation of therapy.
Other cells will react to these messaging signals and will change their behavior accordingly. There is a tremendous therapeutic potential for extracellular vesicles, particularly exosomes.

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