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Weiss Wellness in New York City is expanding

Here is what you will find in our new space:

Personal Training, Post Rehabilitation training, Triathlon coaching, Yoga/Pilates/HIIT classes and more: Weiss Wellness is thrilled to partner with Physical Equilibrium, a premiere boutique personal training practice in Manhattan, to open a full fitness center.

Metabolic Assessments and Nutritional counseling from expert registered dietician and trainer Sarah Currie: Find out exactly how many calories you need each day to maintain your weight or lose those extra pounds.  Patients can also have their body composition (lean muscle mass, body fat, bone mass) assessed to track their progress. We will then combine the data with the support and direction you need to create an overall weight loss and fitness plan.

Billy Macagnone, Authorized Master Trainer of GYRO TONIC®, as well as a Master Trainer for GYROKINESIS® will be opening up his midtown location in our new space.  We will be offering one on one sessions for both GYROTONIC® and Pilates.

Longevity Apothecary: Bringing the natural and organic back to health, wellness and beauty.  Longevity Apothecary is thrilled to offer supplements, teas, salves, soaps, powders, tinctures and essential oils to address all your ailments and wellness needs

Renat Yaron, Dr. Daniel Klinger and Dr. Kate Gilsdorf will now be found on the 3rd floor.

Acupuncturist, Chrysso Neophytou-Tsimis, will also be found on the 3rd floor.  She will continue to use her many years of experience in Chinese medicine and herbs to help and heal.

With all of that, we’ve run out of room!!! So, Dr. Elise Weiss will continue to see patients on the 6th floor.  Malia will continue to address all your questions and concerns. Explore out site to learn about the many diagnostic and treatment techniques that will continue to be provided on the 6th floor.
-ultrasound guided injections
-Mi Eye arthroscopic diagnostic evaluations
-Tenex: minimally invasive treatment for tendonosis and tendonitis
-Regenerative medicine: A2M, PRP, ACP, Stem Cell, Prolotherapy and more
-Wellness Infusions

Dr Michael Weiss will maintain his Psychiatry practice on the 6th floor.  He will continue to provide psychotherapy and medication management but has some new offerings as well.  He is one of the few practitioners in New York State licensed to prescribe medical marijuana for the treatment of specified conditions.  He is also utilizing alpha stim, a highly innovative treatment for anxiety and pain.


515 Madison Ave, Suite 300, 3rd Fl, New York, NY 10022